Saturday, February 28, 2009

No ifs, ands, or dirty butts.

Dear Safeword,
When it comes to anal sex, how can one keep their corn hole clean so
as not to offend the giver? How can you keep it clean enough for some
rim action? Soaping it up seems logical, but is there more that can
be done to really make sure there's no funk or gunk?


Dear Bootylicious,

The good news is that it is quite easy. The bad news is it does require a little planning on your part. The best way to clean yourself out in preparation for anal penetration of all varieties is by using an anal douche. There are two main kinds available: an inexpensive travel douche or the "advanced" model that attaches to a shower head. I would recommend a travel model. They cost around $20 American dollars and can be found at most sex toy stores.
Here is what a typical one looks like:

To clean yourself in preparation for anal play, fill the bulb with slighly warm water. Then insert the plastic tube gently past the sphincter and squeeze the base to push the water into your anal cavity. Gently remove the douche and and the rinse will be very effective at getting all the gunk out. Repeat as necessary.

After flushing is completed, rinse and sanitize the douche before storing it away and you can finish by simply using soap to wash the outside of the perianal area.
As always, there are some extra considerations:
*Do not use soap or anything other than water for your douching liquid.
*It might give you mild cramps--these should go away within a few minutes after you release your bowels. If not you may be using more water than your body can handle, inserting the douche too roughly, squeezing the bulb too fast, or the temperature may be too hot.
*Make sure every last bit of water is flushed out of your rectum, unless you want a potential disaster.
*Do not use premixed vaginal douche kits as a substitute...the chemicals often found in them are too hard for the tissues in your digestive system.

I mentioned two types of equipment to keep your anal cavaity as clean as an operating room, the other type being nozzle douche for a tub. This connects to a shower head and usually comes with a diverter to switch water flow from the main shower to a stainless steel hose with a cylinder attachment at the end. This can be inserted anally while in the shower. I am not a fan of these for several reasons. First, they are much more expensive. They start at $70 and go up from there depending on brand and retailer. Also, one runs the risk of accidentally damaging the very sensitive anal tissue if the water flow is too powerful or the temperature in your shower suddenly spikes. They tend to be embraced by people who desire enema/water play, which is fine...but something of overkill for hygiene purposes. Finally, because they tend to be left in the shower because hooking/unhooking them isn't convenient, you may find house guests "curious about your unusual shower head." They might end up washing themselves with a rather personal product if embarrassment motives you to lie and say it's the hot new design from Europe. I am sure miss manners would frown on that.

So now you're armed with the tools for some stress free anal play. And if you ever
worried or haven't had time to prepare properly, play in other ways and save it for a
time when you can go into it with confidence. After all, sex is about enjoying
ourselves, not inducing paranoid panic attacks.

Until next hard and remember the safeword.

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